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Dance Company

 2017 Richland Academy Dance Company

Summer Intensive Schedule

Click on the company level below to view the required classes for your dancer:


rade jr.


radKidz 2


If you have questions about dance classes required to be in the company, please e-mail or call Sarah Horrigan-Ramos.  419-522-8224

Our Graduating Seniors

Pictured from left to right: Jillian Cordial, Schuyler Kunkel, Star Henthorn, Willa Marks, and Lauren Beard.


Back Row Pictured from left to right: Jenah Calderhead, Skye Kunkel, Star Henthorn, Willa Marks, Lauren Beard

Front Row Pictured from left to right: Madeleine Weilbacker, Meiyan Timberlake, Jillian Cordial, Gabriella Morando, Kylee Dettmer (Not Pictured: Chloe Walker)


rade jr.

Back Row Pictured from Left to Right: Makenzie Daveis, Arianna Allen, Rhapsody Howell, and Alexi Vega

Front Row Pictured from Left to Right: Alexia Gerber, Maria Gallo, Olivia Kouns, and Lily Kunkel

radKidz 2

Back Row Pictured from Left to Right: Kayla Jones, Elisabeth Madore, Justice Gardner, Chrissy Boner, Lamaiya Boswell

Front Row Pictured from Left to Right:  Audrey Mentzer, Mikayla Wiles, Alexus Barry

radKidz 2

Back Row Pictured from Left to Right: Ella Walker, Hope Sweeting-Takos, Kaylyn Kent, Carmella Desterhaft

Front Row Pictured from Left to Right: Skylar Devaney, Abigail Kern, Delaney O'Brien, and Laila Ramos

rade Girls w/ Mr. Marden



Richland Academy Dance Company

Current Company Members:

Click on your level below to view your full Summer 2016 schedule!

rade jr.  radKidzradKidz 2

The Richland Academy Dance Ensemble is designed as a pre-professional training company.  It is divided into four groups based on age and skill:  rade, rade jr., radKidz, and radKidz2. 

Company members are all required to take a certain amount of classes each week. The amount of weekly training required depends on the dancer’s age and level.  There is much training that goes into being part of the company and it takes lots of dedication and hard work to reach the advanced level (rade). The members of the dance companies perform at least 4 times throughout the 9 month season and sometimes more!

Many of our dance company alumni have gone on to study dance in college, perform in various companies and even continue on to teach. Dance not only teaches students the technique, but it also teaches students mental and physical discipline, time management, problem solving,  and performance skills, all of which have a positive impact on their futures.

There is an annual audition.  For information about audition requirements and expectations please contact the Dance Department Chair, Sarah Horrigan-Ramos, at

The staff at the Richland Academy shares in your desire for all to have an exceptional experience with the arts. The best way to see if the programs currently offered at the Academy are a fit for you is to request information »

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