Harvey McGowan


Bagpipes Instructor

Harvey McGowan was born in Western NY State and lived there for 16+ years. Harvey moved to Metro NYC for 2 years and graduated from a high school in Long Island before moving to Mansfield. When Harvey was going into 4th grade, he was asked what he wanted to play, to which he responded, "Bagpipes or the Tuba, in that order!" Harvey ended up learning how to play the cornet. 

Harvey went to Theil College and earned his B.A. in Chemistry. After college, he worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation as an Associate Design Engineer. He also worked at Sherwood Medical Industries as a Chemist. Other positions included: Plant Technical Chemist at Swan Hose and a R&D/Production Chemist at Abbott/Hospira.

Harvey served in the Army as a Physical Science Assistant at AFIP in Washington, D.C. He was the co-recipient on Patent 5 496 035 Golf Ball Center.

He started learning to play the bagpipes in 1980, performing on them for the first time on Mothers Day 1981. Harvey has played in a band ever since then. He started teaching the instrument in 2002 and became a Pipe Major shortly after thereafter.

Harvey has taught brass at the Salvation Army as needed since 1967 and became a Band Master in 1988.


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