Jason Farnsworth

Jason’s interest in the martial arts began one day while he was visiting with a friend. The friend invited Jason to visit his Karate class. Jason gladly accepted the invitation and was anxious to experience the class he had heard so much about. After viewing only a portion of his friend’s class, Jason knew this is where he wanted to start his training. On July 16, 1989, Jason officially started his first martial arts class. The instructor’s name was Mr. Jacques Tarr.

The school’s name was Mid-Ohio Martial Arts Training Academy. The school’s disciplines were a mixture of Tae Kwon Do, Shorin-Ryu Karate, and Aikido. During my training with Mr. Tarr, around April of 1991, Jason had the opportunity to engage in full-contact kickboxing. During his brief involvement in kickboxing, 5 months to be exact, Jason was able to fight in two contests. Jason was still in high school during this time, and decided to go back to wrestling when the season officially started. After several years of devoted study, Jason earned his first degree black belt on February 26, 1993. Jason was also promoted by Mr. Tarr to the rank of second degree black belt on August 19, 1997.

In June of 1994, Jason’s job transferred him to a new town. His new job location was quite a long distance from Mr. Tarr’s school, causing Jason to seek out a new instructor. Steve Hatfield’s Panther Kenpo Karate Studio was located just down the street from Jason’s employer, and after a visit to investigate, Jason enrolled on June 2, 1994. Jason’s initial feeling was one of awe. Jason’s prior experiences in the martial arts to this point provided him with a solid foundation for learning the Kenpo system. Kenpo was unlike anything Jason had ever seen before. There were so many new things to see and learn about Kenpo, and the intricate movements were simply astonishing. Not that his prior training was to be forgotten, but Jason soon felt that Kenpo would always be his base and foundation for future learning and teaching. Jason’s proudest accomplishment was on November 13, 1998 when Jason earned his first degree black belt in American Kenpo.

Without lessening the importance of his other promotions, Jason found the first degree black belt test in Kenpo to be the most difficult and grueling he had ever faced. For Jason, it was a humbling and proud moment to be among others to have achieved the rank of black belt in the American Kenpo style. After more time spent on the mat practicing the American Kenpo system, Jason was promoted to second degree black belt on July 13, 2002. Without stopping there, Jason continued to refine his American Kenpo skills by training in various seminars all over the United States by taking lessons with a select handful of American Kenpo senior students. Those Instructors include Richard “Huk” Planas, Lee Wedlake, Dennis Conatser, Mike Pick and Larry Tatum. Then on June 24, 2005, Jason was promoted to third degree black belt. Recognized as Head Instructor in the American Kenpo martial art. After opening Jason’s own studio in Nov. of 2006, Jason has traveled to attend more seminars taught by the first generation Kenpo instructors.  During one of the training seminar’s on June 2nd, 2007, Jason was then promoted to fourth degree black belt. Upon continued training, in November of 2011 Jason was promoted by his instructors Mr. Joseph Doyle & Mr. Huk Plans to the rank of 5th degree black belt (associate professor).

With an ever present thirst for knowledge, Jason is continually trying to learn more and improve his skills. In his quest to become a better teacher and student of American Kenpo, Jason places skill-refining seminars at the top of his list of important activities. It has been over 19 years since Jason martial arts training began. Jason has no plans to quit and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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