What's New In 2017?

March 30, 2017

Exciting plans are underway for Richland Academy of the Arts in downtown Mansfield. Throughout this past year we were able to access more space in our 47,000 square foot building that had previously been leased out. With the return of the additional space we have been given an opportunity to grow and develop new programs and add new teachers to our operations.  With much planning and research, we have decided to grow our programming by “broadening our door” to fill our space and to truly become the community arts organization where anyone can explore the artist within.  

One of the biggest changes for the upcoming year is our potential investment in human capital. Currently we are planning a national search for a full time Music Director. The purpose of this position is to yield a director who will develop and implement a creative curriculum that will expand our music offerings and increase our presence in the community and local school systems in Richland and the surrounding counties.

In addition to investing in human capital we are creating a hands on learning space for Early Arts students. This program will provide children and their caregivers an opportunity to learn, play, and create in an arts enriched environment. Some ideas for this space include a sensory space, an art creation station, movement classes, and music classes. 

This year we formed a Resource & Development Committee comprised of current administrative staff, board members, and community members.  This committee has helped us to advance our fundraising efforts, and create a plan for future asks and funding possibilities. 

For many years RAA has focused on pre-professional development in all art forms with a very high level of artistry. We also realize that all persons are not poised for an arts career but want to experience the arts for sheer enjoyment and satisfaction. Our Senior Program for 60+ is an example where participants had always wanted to dance to play the piano or to paint, but did not have the opportunity. We are continuing our arts track to include a new emphasis on Recreational Arts…for all ages.

Recreational Arts

In all art genres we will offer Drop-In Classes, Multiple Lengths of Classes, Senior Classes, Birthday Parties, Homeschool Programs and Special Needs Classes.

Dance- BUTI Yoga, Salsa Aerobics, Hip Hop, Couples Salsa, Theatre Jazz, Adult Ballet

Music- Music for Hispanics & Latinos- guitar & piano, Bagpipes, Kids Rock, Junior Rockers, Garage Band, Blue Grass, Jazz Band, Women’s Chorus

Visual Arts- Arts and Crafts Projects, Wine & Paint, Painting Birthday Parties, Creation Station

Educational/Developmental Program

RAA plans to further our outreach program in the community and local schools by hiring of a full time Music Director.

We are looking at the possibility of becoming a Community School Sponsor for and Arts Focused Charter School.

RAA continues to be aware of the economic condition in our county and surrounding areas. Our scholarship program is even more significant at a time when the economic recovery is very slow and the median income is below the national level.

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