How to know if we are closed due to inclement weather

December 13, 2017

How to know if Richland Academy is Closed due to Inclement Weather 

Closing Procedures for Richland Academy of the Arts


When closure is necessary:

If conditions necessitate closure, every effort will be made to have this information posted on the Richland Academy of the Arts website:

Please note: Richland Academy of the Arts will automatically close if there is a Level 2 or above snow emergency in Richland County by 3:00pm.

RAA will also:

  • Post on RAA Facebook
  • Send an announcement via Remind 101 text messaging system.
  • Inform local media outlets.

The official and authoritative source of closure information is the RAA website. If the homepage is down due to power failure or other causes, the RAA Facebook page will be considered the secondary source for an official announcement, but should be verified via another source among those listed above. Local media are helpful and will be notified, but are not the primary source of such information.

To sign up to receive closing and delay information through Remind 101 text messaging system:

To: 81010  Message: @h9d9

Or to receive messages via email, send an email

To: (Subject can be left blank) 

The safety of all students, faculty, and staff is our primary consideration in determining the closing of RAA should remain open. No other factors supersede the closing decision. If we receive information that weather conditions, or any other risks, pose a significant threat to the safety of our RAA community, we will act appropriately and immediately. Please note, rarely does RAA close due to extreme low temperatures alone.

Parents of our students are capable of preparing themselves and their children for inclement weather and for deciding if weather conditions and their own personal circumstances warrant altering their schedules.

Second, we offer a service for which our students pay directly. Therefore, if we close, we temporarily deny that service to our students. So, if our observations and consultations indicate that conditions do not present an undue threat to the RAA community, we are obliged to provide the service that we have promised to our students. In other words, our goal is to keep RAA open.

Richland Academy of the Arts is open for normal business operations and instructional activities unless indicated otherwise on RAA’s home page. Employees and students are expected to exercise judgment regarding their ability to travel safely to RAA when inclement weather is in the area. They are not expected to place travel for work or class attendance above considerations for individual health and safety.

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