Richland Academy of the Arts Receives Generous Gift for $226,802

March 29, 2019

Richland Academy of the Arts is pleased to announce it has received a $226,802 gift from the Doerman Trust on behalf of Neil Doerman. 

Marianne Cooper, Executive Director and Founder, says, “It is the largest individual gift ever received in the history of Richland Academy of the Arts.  The board has been thoughtful and careful about releasing information about the gift until appropriate policies and procedures were in place.”

These funds are designated in support of the scholarship program at the Richland Academy of the Arts.  For over 25 years Richland Academy of the Arts has awarded approximately $625,000 in both merit and need based scholarships to almost 4,000 students. This generous gift will help to ensure the longevity of the already successful scholarship program for future generations.

At Richland Academy of the Arts we believe that creativity exists in everyone, regardless of financial limitations and our mission is to provide a place where anyone can explore the artist within

Currently, Richland Academy’s Investment Committee, comprised of members of the Board of Directors, is working on a robust investment plan that will ensure the longevity and safety of these funds.  Because of this gift, our scholarship committee has reevaluaed our current policy on how and to whom funds are currently being awarded and made appropriate redocumentations to the Board of Directors.

“This gift has allowed us to look at removing age restrictions for students who need financial assistance to help pay for classes and lessons. We are excited to open our scholarship program up to help more students and make a bigger impact on our community,” Megan Williams, Registrar and Scholarship Committee chair.

As remarkable as the gift is to the Academy, there is a mystery about the  donor, Neil Doerman. He graduated from Mansfield Senor High in 1946 and Bowling Green State University in 1954 with a BS in Business Administration. He lived on Coleman Rd. and worked in Mansfield retiring to Florida and died in 2017 at the age of 89.  We are grateful for several persons for contributing more information about Mr. Doerman especially his life-long friend Bill McBride of Mansfield. Apparently, Mr. Doerman wisely invested his money through and investment club at one of the Mansfield Banks. His generous gifts are being enjoyed by several local non-profit organizations.


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