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Our goal is to enrich the lives of young people by providing opportunities for them to be actively involved in the creative process through participation in a variety of theatre experiences under the leadership of professionals.

  • Theatre helps build up self-esteem with each round of applause the performers receive.
  • Being part of the theatre can help a child to move past their shyness and develop public speaking skills.
  • Theatre brings out a child's creativity by teaching them to open up their minds.



Richland Academy’s Little Black Box Theatre Company

We are excited to announce our newest programming! The Richland Academy's Little Black Box Theatre Company will provide young actors with a strong foundation for stage performance. 


Creative Drama is a process that develops imaginative thought and creative expression in children. Through the use of movement, pantomime, improvisation, story dramatization and group activities, children will gain language and communication skills, social awareness, problem-solving abilities, self-concept development, and an understanding of theatre.  

Rather than an attempt to create professional child actors, the goal of our program is designed to guide a child to self-fulfillment through the process of theatre techniques.

We will introduce theatre through creative dramatics by creating an environment where youngsters can feel comfortable to work creatively and think critically. Students will be able to apply techniques learned into their own creative expression as thinking, feeling, and creative human beings.


2019 - 2020 Theatre schedule

Check out our 2019-2020 Theatre schedule! We offer group classes for students starting at 4. Call us at 419-522-8224 to learn more!

Tuition Assistance & Scholarships

We believe that creativity exists in everyone and offer opportunities regardless of financial limitations.

 Student Handbook

Find out more information about registration, how to know if we are closed for bad weather, and what to do if you can't make it to class.


Meet our instructors

The faculty and staff at Richland Academy are committed to our students. Learn more here! 

performances & Special Events

Check out the 2019-2020 calendar of performances and special events! Mark your calendars!



 Need help finding information, or have questions about registering for classes? Call us at 419-522-8224 or stop by! 



The staff at the Richland Academy shares in your desire for all to have an exceptional experience with the arts. The best way to see if the programs currently offered at the Academy are a fit for you is to request information »

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