Theatre Classes - Fall 2021


Little Black Box Theatre - Ages 4-9

Ages 4-6 (Act I): Sat. 11:30-12:15 pm, 12 Wks (Starts 9/11/21)  $115/full  $10 Mat. Fee

Ages 7-9 (Act II): Sat. 12:15-1:15 pm, 12 Wks (Starts 9/11/21)  $168/full  $10 Mat. Fee


With Instructor: Megan Williams! - Students will explore the Journey of the Noble Gnarble (if class sizes allow). Students will learn the basics of theatre: working in an ensemble, moving on stage, singing, dancing, and creating as a group! No class 10/16, 11/13. This class will culminate with a performance on the last class day 12/18!

Teen Acting Institute - Ages 12-18

10/5-12/14/21, 10 Wks   Tue. 7:00-8:00 pm  Tuition: $140   Mat. Fee: $10

With Instructor: Maria Getz Beery! - Students will engage in an in-depth study of acting techniques and performance through script analysis, scene work and various acting methods. Along the way, they will learn the basics of creating a character by using movement, voice and expression. Through partnering and individual work, students will be encouraged to take creative risks and make strong choices. The class will culminate in a performance of either a one-act play or a presentation of monologues and scenes using the techniques and skills learned in class. No class on 11/23, 12/21.

The College Audition Workshop - Ages 15-18

10/5-12/14/21, 10 Wks   Tue. 6:00-7:00 pm  Tuition: $140   Mat. Fee: $10

With Instructor: Maria Getz Beery! - This class will prepare students for the college theatre audition process. Students will be guided in selecting contrasting monologues (both contemporary and classical, as well as dramatic and comedic) cut to specific run times. They will also have the option of selecting 1-2 contrasting musical theatre pieces. Class time will be used for blocking and working each piece so that they are "audition ready" as well as reviewing the "do's" and "dont's" of college auditions. The semester will culminate in a showcase of student work. No class on 11/23, 12/21.

Playwriting Workshop - Ages 11-18

10/7-12/16/21, 10 Wks  Thur. 6:00-7:00 pm  Tuition: $140   Mat. Fee: $10

With Instructor: Maria Getz Beery! - Students will explore the basics of playwriting by creating compelling characters, interesting conflicts and engaging dialogue. Classes will be spent using a variety of brainstorming and "writing on your feet" exercises to inspire creativity through storytelling. Each student will complete a full one-act play by the end of the semester with an option of presenting it in a staged reading format. No class 11/25, 12/23.

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