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Community Schools

Richland Academy of the Arts

Education & Development Program

Richland Academy is proud to be a sponsor of community schools.  We are determined to provide our community schools their oversight, mentor-ship, monitoring, and technical assistance with the same passion, fervor and creativity that we provide our arts programming. Our Education and Development Program is committed to excellent instruction, character development, social consciousness, and artistic culture in all that we do. Our staff is committed to excellent service and oversight and creating a friendly educational experience. We strive to provide a positive, and professional environment in all of our sponsored schools. The arts and education are our passion and we strive to guide our classrooms toward a curriculum that provides creative educational experiences.

Our Mission & Vision

Richland Academy of the Arts Contact Information

Richland Academy of the Arts 

75 North Walnut Street

Mansfield OH 44902-1179      

Phone number: 419.522.8224 Fax: 419.522.8228 Website

Marianne Cooper, Executive Director, School Governance ext. 223

Sheri Hughes, Assistant Director, Compliance & Facilities, ext. 229

Dr. Dan Fleck, ELL Consultant and Instruction

Marianne Lombardo, Data Consultant/ School Accountability

Joann Hipsher, Board Liaison & Educational Consultant

Pam Schreiner, Academic Curriculum, instruction and assessment

John Tarako, Educational Consultant & Academic Curriculum, instruction and assessment 

Steve Schuthies, Treasurer

Pam Madore, Business Office, ext. 224

Megan Williams, Registration & Marketing, ext. 100

Ann Dettmer, Community School Assistant


Grant Application

The mission of the RAA grant opportunity is to provide grants for its sponsored teachers to develop creative and interesting arts programs, projects or events for their classrooms. Grants are awarded to individual classroom teachers or small teams of classroom teachers, intended to foster arts experiences. Grant amounts are capped at $250.

Resources Newsletter

Check out our  newsletter that provides information for teacher, students, and our schools.  

In this issue: Spotlight on drop out recovery issues, Every Child Achieves Act, Top 10 Characteristics of Highly Effective Boards, NACSA's Principals and Standards...


Roles & Responsibilities of Ohio Community School Sponsors, Schools, and Governing Authorities

Community Schools must have a Sponsor that has been approved by the Ohio Department of Education to oversee the school's governance, fiscal procedures, and its educational program and progress.

Richland Academy of the Arts subscribes to the three core principles and six performance standards developed in coordination with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), the Ohio Association of Charter School Authorizers (OACSA) and the requirements of Ohio law. 

The three core principles for sponsors (or authorizers) are:

  • maintaining high standards for schools,
  • upholding school autonomy, and 
  • protecting student and public interests.

The six standards for sponsors include:

  • providing technical assistance to schools,
  • oversight and evaluation of schools,
  • a commitment to quality authorizing and improving our capacity as sponsors of schools,
  • a thorough and transparent application process,
  • performance contracting, and 
  • rigorous renewal processes.

Richland Academy of the Arts takes all Ohio legal responsibilities very seriously. Developers interested in starting a new community school will find a rigorous application process in place with a strict time-line. A pre-application document provides initial information including an executive summary of the proposal school. The proposal may be invited into the application process. Interviews with the founding directors and boards are required. A rubric is established for weighing the merits of the proposal. Outside experts are a part of the process. If the proposal is accepted during the selection process the following must happen: Richland Academy Board of Trustees must approve any proposal.




Dear Parent,

As a part of sponsor monitoring and oversight Richland Academy is required to notify you of our annual evaluation of your school.  The evaluation includes the academic and fiscal performance and the organization and operation of the school (ORC 3314.023(C).

Please see the Annual Report located on our web page: or (see the link below)


Marianne Cooper, Executive Director

Richland Academy Annual Report 2016-2017

Richland Academy Annual Report 2016


The staff at the Richland Academy shares in your desire for all to have an exceptional experience with the arts. The best way to see if the programs currently offered at the Academy are a fit for you is to request information »

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