What Others Have To Say

"For years I have admired the work that the Richland Academy of the Arts has done with the youth in our community, under your direction as founder. I have found that the children and families in our community are blessed to have such a positive spirit of cooperation between those who care so much about reaching others. I want to thank the faculty and staff at the Richland Academy of the arts for taking the lead on yet another worthwhile project. "

- Ron Spon
Judge, Richland County Juvenile Court 
Mansfield, Ohio

"Our idea was to partner with another downtown institution to design a message of vision, growth, and hope for the future, while capturing and showcasing the talents of local artists. Mrs. Cooper was first on our list, and she has exceeded our highest hopes with her enthusiasm for our downtown billboard project. We are very excited to begin this partnership with the Richland Academy and the Area Agency on Aging painting group that meets at Richland Academy. The enthusiasm is infectious for those who frequent the Academy. You can see it in the faces of the employees, the volunteers and the children--of all ages. "

- Keith Stoner
North Central State College 
Mansfield, Ohio

"On behalf of the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc., I am pleased to support the Richland Academy's efforts in obtaining the Ohio Arts Council Operating Grant. We have partnered with Richland Academy for the past thirteen years to provide essential programs for the 60+ population. These programs have truly blossomed because of the commitment they have to meeting the needs in the counties they serve. There is a real need for Richland Academy to continue the beneficial programs provided to all age groups. The Agency, without hesitation supports Richland Academy and their efforts. I applaud Richland Academy's mission. "

- Duana Patton
Chief Executive Officer, Area Agency on Aging 
Ontario, Ohio

"I wanted to thank you for participating in the first free fitness week. You helped make the event a huge success. I appreciate all of the enthusiasm and support for this event and I am looking forward to working with you in the future ."

- Paige Warga
Richland Public Health 
Mansfield, Ohio

"From the moment I enter Richland Academy the joy begins. The girls at the front desk are so welcoming and helpful. They ensure all my questions regarding the class schedules for all of the session that are offered for the "senior citizens." I truly love learning piano, it was always a childhood dream for me. Now, it has finally become a reality thanks to Josh Cole. He is beyond super great. He has such a way of teaching us older students with respect, understanding, and patience. I've always loved art in all its different mediums. Marlene Karbula has taught our class for the past two years and it is a joy. She is very encouraging and always there to help in any way we need. I will begin my 5th year at the Academy in the "senior citizens" program and am looking forward to another rewarding year of learning and exploring all that is offered in my journey as a pianist and artist. "

- Sylvia Keith
Mansfield, Ohio

"Thank you, Richland Academy, for having a place for us seniors where we can have such a good time!"

- Shirley Fearn
Mansfield, Ohio

"Richland Academy of the Arts is an amazing asset for Mansfield and Ohio in general. Everyone who works here is so passionate about the arts, and wants to see their students succeed. The kids are so talented and work so hard, and it shows in every performance we put on. Additionally, our Tuition Assistance program is a fantastic way for those students to get to be a part of what the Academy offers when it may not be otherwise possible. RAA certainly is a place like no other, and I’m so thankful to be a part of the RAA Family."

- Audrey Lee-Strohm
Richland Academy of the Arts Music Instructor 
Ashland, OH

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